I'm Jenn 

(Photo Credit Courtney Anne Photography) 

Hi! Thanks for visiting the site and viewing our work!  I've wanted to be a photographer since I was just a wee little one and carried a pink camera around with me everywhere I went! I attended Sacramento High School because they had a photography program and then continued on to Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara where I earned a degree in Commercial Advertising Photography. My dream was to live in New York, so five days after graduation, I moved to Brooklyn, NY, where I lived for 1 year.  I  spent my days assisting and working with one of my favorite children's advertising photographers. I then moved to San Diego. After 2 years there, I was brought back to my hometown of Sacramento by the love of my life. Justin was someone I had gone to high school with, we reconnected while he was working in San Diego one week. I quickly moved back "home." Justin and I are now married and have 2 dogs and a little boy named Calvin. He is our whole world and I am so overjoyed to be his mother. We can't wait to have more kiddos, remodel the rest of our home in East Sac and create memories of our lives through pictures.